“What else is there to do but make the best of circumstances? 
A good circumstance should be appreciated,

for not doing so would be ingratitude.

And, a bad circumstance should not be viewed pessimistically,

for doing so makes life even harder!” *



“Believing in unrelated coincidence is a form of polytheism,
because such belief does not recognize the Almighty’s hand in all things.”

~ Rabbi Chaim Yehudah Gruber



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* These three sentences, according to Rabbi Gruber,

·         are a method of secularly explaining the Torah/Biblical command

·         to love Hashem, that is, to love the LORD. (Dev./Deut. 6:5 & 30:16)

·         After all, Hashem/the LORD is the Omnipresent;

·         He constitutes all the empty space, all the things, and all the circumstances.